What we do

Haniqwa, Wilma and Ivan’s daughter came home one day and informed them about a girl in her class whose dad had passed away. This girl along with her brother and sister now had to live with their grandmother. The Christoffels family immediately opened their hearts and door for the three children. Before long one after the other child come to their home and so came about Helpende Handjies.

Wilma established a Facebook Page called Helpende Handjies and from here people got to know about the work they do and started giving them donations. They are currently looking after 44 children and solely rely on the generosity of the public to help them, help the children.

A typical day at Helpende Handjies starts off with breakfast, each child receives a meal before they go to school. We also make sure that each child has a sandwich that they can eat at school.

Ivan then takes the children to school in his car. After everyone has left Wilma starts cleaning the house and takes care of the laundry. Hereafter she starts preparing lunch. Once the children arrive back from school, everyone will eat and play for a while. Then it is time for homework. Wilma and her friends help the children with their homework and sometimes teacher Elmarie also assists.

Once everyone’s homework is completed the children take a bath and receive a sandwich before they return home.

On weekends, there are 7 children who stay at the Christoffels’ house. Since they only have a two bedroom house they make a “Christmas bed” and all the children sleep next to one another.

Wilma is extremely thankful for all the donations they have received and for all the angels that have crossed their path. Every donation is truly appreciated.